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Site Build Process

How we build amazing sites

Our goal is to build you an amazing website

A great, easy to use, customer friendly website that describes your business well is our number one priority. The website is a centerpiece of your business. It let’s others know who you are, what you do, why you do it.

Our process to build the site includes a questionnaire  that helps us understand your business, your likes and dislikes. This helps form the foundation of how your site will be built.

We understand the importance of having an easy to use website

So, are you ready for a GREAT website?

Take a look at our project portfolio. We build amazing sites for our clients.

Marketing Tactics

We analyze your competitors' position to take action

The strengths, weaknesses, keywords, imagery, site speed are some of the things considered.

Knowing what keywords your competitor is performing for helps understand the content that will be written for your site, to place higher than the competition. 

Breaking it down: Steps to success

First and foremost, we look at your competitors and review what they are doing on their website, what content they are promoting and their focus.
We then utilized specialize tools to further understand how their website is performing, which helps us set a foundation on how are going to build your site.